Moose is a platform for software and data analysis.
It helps programmers craft custom analyses cheaply.
It's based on Pharo and it's open source under BSD/MIT.
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Install Moose. It's easy.

Moose is built on top of Pharo, the young cool kid in the object-oriented languages arena. As with any Pharo application, you run it by executing the image containing the Moose code with the Pharo VM.

Moose 7.0 64bit nightly image

The model of Moose is currently been refactored. The new development version is this Moose 7.0 version. Download the Moose 7.0 64bit image.

Run the image with the Virtual Machine for Pharo 7.0 (e.g., drag and drop the image on the virtual machine executable):
Linux | Mac | Windows.

Moose 7.0 code

Load the Moose code in a Pharo 7.0 image:

Metacello new
  baseline: 'Moose';
  repository: 'github://moosetechnology/Moose:development/src';

Moose 6.1 64bit (released on October 24, 2018)

Download Moose 6.1 64bit for Windows.

Download Moose 6.1 64bit for Mac.

Download Moose 6.1 64bit for Linux.

Moose 6.1 32bit (released on October 24, 2018)

Download Moose 6.1 32bit for Windows.

Download Moose 6.1 32bit for Mac.

Download Moose 6.1 32bit for Linux.

Moose 6.1 code

Load the Moose code in a Pharo 6.1 image:

Metacello new
    smalltalkhubUser: 'Moose' project: 'Moose';
    configuration: 'Moose';
    version: #development;

jdt2famix importer for Java

Get the external jdt2famix importer for Java.

roslyn2famix importer for C#

Get the external roslyn2famix importer for C#.

Learn Moose. It's different, but uniform.

Moose is primarily not for clickers, but for programmers. To get the most out of it, you have to program it.The goal is to make crafting of custom tools as cheap and elegant as possible. The target is 15 minutes.

For this, everything is exposed as beautiful object-oriented models and fluent interfaces. Every piece of Moose is conceived to be extensible and customizable.



Read the Moose Query documentation.

Moose is a community. Get involved.

The Moose project started in 1996 at the University of Bern. Its original goal was to build a language independent meta-model for software analysis. Since then, it grew to become an open platform for various types of software and data analyses. Its development is currently supported by several research groups, startups and contributors.

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Dr. Andrei Chis

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Dr. Tudor Girba

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